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What I like most is digging into who you are at your core, and what you hope to become with your business, and then turning that into images and words you can use to show yourself to the world. . . or at least the clients you hope to attract.

If you have an established brand, great! I'd love to learn about it and help by creating the tangible things that go along with sharing your brand. Maybe it's a website from scratch, or a refresh of an existing one. It could be social media images and captions, or sprucing up of presentation material. I can even "ghost write" a blog for you if I know enough about the topic.

If you don't have an established brand yet, that's wonderful too! I love working with clients who need help defining their purpose and who struggle to know how to characterize it with words and images. Sometimes another eye and perspective is exactly what you need to keep your feet moving and not stall out. So, let's talk logos, colours, and images that reflect the spirit and purpose of your business. Then I'll come up with the branding guidelines you can use and share with anyone who works with you, so your brand is consistently communicated, wherever it is seen.

Because looks matter

How work is presented gives credibility to the work itself. 

live sites

Check out some of my past and current projects

Branding samples
Website Samples

Website Design

You want to be found. And when you are, visitors want to quickly know what value you offer. I design custom websites using Wix because once you have a website you feel amazing about, I can ultimately pass it to you. With Wix, you don't need to understand coding to make changes. If you prefer, I am happy to continue to manage your site for you as your business evolves.

I design all websites manually in both desktop and mobile formats, optimize them for SEO (Search Engine Optimization . . . how you're found in web searches), and ensure your info and your visitors' info stays secure.


Getting to the heart of who someone is and what their business is, is one of my favourite things to do. The moment I show my client what I visualize as their brand is thrilling because they immediately see themselves reflected, in a way they hadn't imagined before.

Social Media samples

Social Media

Sharing who you are with the world is how your business will grow. Controlling what the world sees is important. I help businesses create and execute social media campaigns that are on-brand and reflect who you are and what you offer, so you can focus on running your business and delivering to your clients. I work with Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I have a 'secret weapon' on my team, who specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing ... because to be honest, it all makes my head spin. We'll work as a team to create and promote your business, always staying aligned to  your brand.

Content Samples


Blogs, captions, presentation decks, brochures, marketing tangibles, email campaigns . . . I have a love for language and conveying meaning with words and creative visuals, all using your branding guidelines to create a professional, cohesive presentation.

what's got you thinking?

Has something you've seen here sparked your interest in learning more about how I might help? Let me know what you need support in.

Thanks for reaching out!

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